What are the main features of Dub Air?

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The following features are currently available in our product:

‍Automated speech-to-text, translation and voiceover:

Create a transcript, translation, and voiceover for your video.

‍Voice cloning : Copy the voice from the original video to the translated version.

‍Multiple speakers: Assign a unique voice to each speaker in the video.

Subtitles: Download the transcript and translation in SRT format.

AI rewriting: Adjust the speed of speech by rewriting segments that are too long in the translation.


The following features will be added over 8 weeks from the launch of the app on 29/02


Revoice : Choose a voiceover that matches your content, or use a clone voice. We currently offer 200 multilingual voices.

Refine : Allows users to preview their content and change the voice; it also can add music to video content.

Remix : Add text overlays, power up the captions and remix your video content with cool fonts and new styles for your text.

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