Does Dub Air offer lip sync?

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Dub Air offers lip-synching, which can be added at the beginning of your workflow. Our tool maintains the audio/video quality, resulting in an enhanced dubbed output that matches lip movements accurately; please note that the lip-synch is not 100% accurate, but our fantastic team works tirelessly to provide better accuracy. Please check out our demo videos to see the accuracy of the lip-synching feature.

To mitigate issues with lip-synching, please read the following:

1. The lip-synching feature does not perform well when a beard or facial hair is present. However, we have made advancements in the past week, and users will see a better-performing output.
2. The lip-synching works best with forward-facing content; at the moment, this feature will struggle with more than one person but will change over the coming weeks and months. 
3. Distance from the camera, if the person is too close or far away, the lip-synching will not be as accurate. Please check out our demo videos to see how you can use the feature to the best of its ability.
4. Keep head movement to a minimum 
5. Make sure there is good lighting in the room

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